Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

At XCode Consulting we offer our clients a broad spectrum of digital marketing solutions, design with one goal in mind – growing your business! One of the most important aspects of a modern marketing campaign is the use of Social Media Marketing.

While Facebook and Twitter might help you connect with your high school classmates, its potential to grow your business and reach a newfound customer base is unmatched. With constant innovation – it is up to business owners to keep up and evolve with the times, making sure to acclimate to every new platform and medium – using it to the best of their abilities. At XCode we will help you instill and manage an entire new Social Media Marketing campaign, taking you through every step of the process – from account creation, and lead procurement, to quality posting, and client relations. Our skills and strategies extend across every industry and across multiple social media platforms.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the biggest keys to any winning marketing strategy in this day and age. Social media itself, has afforded individuals an entirely new level of connectivity, as well as provided consumers with infinite access to products and services. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide you with a direct line to your consumer, providing you with a limitless reach, the ability to dictate and control your brand’s identity, and vastly increase your earning potential. At XCode Consulting we strive to help connect you and your business to consumers from all over the world.

Multi-Platform Social Media Solutions

The team at XCode is always learning and expanding our repetorie of social media skills. We can help manage a social media marketing campaign for you and your business across social platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • And More!

Content is King!

No matter what social platform you choose to represent the interests of your business, the team at XCode will help create and fully customize you ‘profiles’ and ‘pages’. Once we have perfected your profiles across multiple platforms, our team focuses on the creation of high quality, engaging content. Social media “posts” are the heart of any good social media marketing campaign. At XCode we focuse on providing our clients with the highest quality posts, that combine sharp, focused, written content, with visually-striking HD images, engaging videos, and deliberate calls-to-action. Our goal is to ensure your posts spark the interest of the consumer, and improve your click-rates!

Sales Funnels

In today’s world of digital marketing there’s a million ways to target your consumer. The fact is that any good marketer is making use of every platform, and creating a symbiotic relationship, in which each medium is used to benefit the other!
Herein lies Sales Funnel Creation – one of the most important weapons in any good marketer’s arsenal. A sales funnel helps to guide and influence consumer decision making – providing them reasons to buy your products & services over those of the competition. By controlling your specific brand identity, and dictating your company’s narrative, we are able to use social media tp provide them reasons to buy, as well as making it as easy as possible to buy. Using strategic posting, and one-on-one interaction, we can guide your customers at every point of consideration.

XCode is There for You! Every Step of the Way

At XCode Consulting we have identified certain key points in the consumer buying process and designed a step-by-step method of implementing social media marketing tactics to better serve and guide your consumer!


Providing consumers with a certain level of Awareness, then Familiarity with your brand/business, as well as your products & services.

Supply Information

Then we provide the consumer with reasons why this product Benefits them, as well as reasons to Consider your product over the competition.

A Level of Ease

Consumers are far more likely to purchase the item that is easiest to purchase. Ensuring they have direct Calls-to-action & points to Purchase your product exponentially increases your chances of making a sale.

Building a Relationship

Once the consumer has purchased a product from you, the game is far from over! A brand must provide a means of consumer support, and customer appreciation. Interacting is made infinitely easier with social media. Contact them, ask them how they like the product, offer them discounts on future purchases – this helps to foster Loyalty with your brand – creating a life-long customer. Social media marketing isn’t just an option anymore, it is a necessity – so why not work with the team that does it best? XCode Consulting is here to help you grow your business today!

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