Email Marketing


Email Marketing

You might be thinking what E-mail marketing is and what benefit will it do to your business? Well, if you are confused on this subject, you are at the right place.

Email marketing is deemed as one of the best ways to reach out the target audience. This type of marketing gives you a chance to reach to your targeted customers directly without spamming their inbox. The information sent out through email marketing reaches your potential clients irrespective of the products or services that you are selling. It is only after you understand what email marketing is, can you avail its maximum benefit.

Email marketing also gives businesses a chance to track its effectiveness. By keeping a track of number of hits your website has received after the activity; it is easy to assess its success. This is a popular way to reach out to customers who are really interested in your services as it gives you a chance to get complete attention of the customer.

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Are you thinking about starting a newsletter for the promotion of your company’s services and/or products? Here are few points that you would like to consider to enjoy fruitful returns.


Make signing up process simple

During vacations, your website will have more traffic, but make sure the visitors can sign up for the email list with ease. While designing a sign-up form, include all the important information column that you may need. For instances, the sign-up form should have the customer’s email address, phone number and a column to fill in any other relevant detail.

Make the welcome mail interesting

You may be having an automated system that sends out an email as soon as a customer signs up. But having a decorated welcome mail can do the trick for you. To separate your welcome mail from other regular emails, how about changing the color or adding some greetings? You can also thank your subscribers by giving them a discount on their first purchase.

What to expect

It is always a wise idea to help the customers know what they should expect after signing up to your email notifications. Will you be sending them promotional content, whether it will be weekly tips, company updates, daily deals or letters from the CEO? The customers should have the freedom to choose the content they would like to receive through email.

Newsletter designing is a job

When opting for email marketing, it is important to understand that newsletter designing is a job that should be done with the help of experts. The email campaign should match your brand’s value, feel and look. If you are working with templates, customize it according to your requirements. By customizing the emails, the customers will feel connected with your brand from the beginning.

Make the copy scannable

Your customers won’t have a lot of time to read through the email and if it’s boring, it might just end up in the thrash. So what should you do to make the customers take a note of your email? Instead of one long block of content, break it up into smaller sections. Use relevant images and subheadings to make the newsletter scannable. Moreover, choose an interesting subject line so that it attracts the customers to click on it.

Think mobile

Nowadays, people are choosing mobile devices over computers as it gives them the flexibility to check emails, reply to important conversations and keep a tab on a number of other activities even on the go. Therefore, when you are designing the email newsletter template, make sure it is created using responsive email template. Make sure your website and the newsletter looks sharp on the mobile devices.

So when it comes to Email marketing, you need to look for things your customers would love to receive from you as a company. If it’s a festive season, you can always offer discounts to keep more number of customers pouring in. Moreover, try to send the newsletter on the weekend as according to a study, weekend newsletters have outnumbered their counterparts.

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