SEO Marketing and Optimization


Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

In today’s modern age, every business needs a strong, well thought out, online presence; the basis of which begins with a website! Now, not all websites are created equally. More than content, more than look and feel, OPTIMIZATION is the most vital aspect of any website and a MUST for any business looking to maximize their online potential, increase visibility, and grow their business.


What is SEO and Why Do You NEED It?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process by which we are able to ORGANICALLY improve your website’s online presence, making your site rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. This gives your website, business, and your products, more visibility and allows them to be seen by more prospective customers, interested in your products and services!

To truly market your brand or business, we try to think like a consumer. In our own daily lives, we make countless buying decisions. For most consumers, the decision is made fairly quickly, and usually involves a few clicks of their smart phone. After a quick web search, we retrieve a list of possibilities. Most consumers tend to focus on the first few results of Google, and rarely go past the middle of the first page. So in order to even enter the consumer’s mind, as a possible choice, your products or services, and your business, must be on that first page!

The World Revolves Around the Search Engine

One fact in 2018, that we must all accept, is that the world revolves around Google. As the world’s most popular search engine, and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE, Google has over an 85% of the world’s market share when it comes to search queries, processing an average of 50,000 searches EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY!

We Speak the Language of the Search Engine

Another fact of SEO is that the search engine isn’t governed by any actual people. There isn’t a person behind every search, ranking a list of the best products and services, for each keyword. Developers at Google create algorithms that decide who receives the best ranking based on any number of factors. This in fact, is SEO! An optimization protocol that helps the search engine identify your website and its qualities! The better the SEO strategy, the higher the ranking, and more eyes on your products!

Modern SEO Strategies for a Modern World

At XCode Consulting we use a set of tried and true SEO strategies, that have produced amazing results for companies across multiple industries. From companies in their infancy, to companies with a longstanding web presence, we can nurture your brand into becoming an online powerhouse that experiences boundless success, where it matters most, on the search engine!

We focus our SEO efforts on:

  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Clear, Concise Site Maps
  • Strong, Quality Code
  • Implementing Key-Word Rich Content
  • Overhauling Your Website to Become “Search Engine-Friendly”

We design websites that rank high, organically, and seamlessly integrate into the search engine; without sacrificing a bit of your brand’s integrity! We focus on creating easy-to-navigate, aesthetically-pleasing websites, that include:

  • Keyword-Rich, Descriptive Written Content
  • Striking, High-Resolution Images
  • Well-Placed, Video Content, Rich in Meta Tags
  • Clear, Concise Structure that is “Pleasing” to the Search Engine.

So if you are interested in implementing high-level SEO into your marketing plan; achieving a higher level of visibility, attracting more customers, and GROWING YOUR BUSINESS, contact XCode Consulting today, and let us help you take control of your narrative!

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