At XCode Consulting we aren’t just your average marketing agency! One of our biggest advantages lies in our technical skill, and in our web development strategies. When we market your brand, we are building it from the ground up! Ensuring that each and every nook and cranny is designed to rank higher, procure customers, and convert sales! In addition to our standard web development we also specialize in the creation and management of E-Commerce sites, and platforms. One of the hottest trends to sweep the internet is the advent of the e-commerce site. From grandma’s to middle schoolers, it seems like everyone is looking to get their hands on a slice of the e-commerce pie! And the good news is, there’s more than enough to go around!

However, in the cutthroat world of e-commerce, only the strong will survive and be able to turn their site into anything more than just a weekend hobby. That’s why at XCode we are offering the most innovative and intuitive e-commerce solutions available today – our proven results, and impeccable track record ensure you and your fledgling business are definitely in the right hands!


What is an E-Commerce Site?

E-Commerce is definitely the biggest buzzword of the new year. You hear it in entrepreneurial circles all the time, but what does it mean? In the simplest terms, E-Commerce is the sale and purchase of good and services over an electronic medium, ie. the internet! This also means that data, and of course, funds are transferred online between buyer and seller.

You can even just call it online shopping. And an E-commerce site is simply a website or medium used to complete the transaction. Think Amazon, eBay, even Walmart.com! The most common type is retail selling, but there are many others too, like auction websites, business-to-business services, music portals, consultancy websites, finance management websites, and more.

Importance of E-Commerce Sites

The world has gone digital, with Amazon being the number one retailer for pretty much everything in the world – the internet creates an amazingly valuable place for consumers to be able to find whatever they need, whenever. And with only a few clicks, the item can be delivered to your front door sometimes within a day!
Less and less people are shopping at stores anymore, and the e-commerce sites are taking their place. Here are a very vital advantages to creating ab e-commerce site.

  • You can reach a global market, and ship your good & services anywhere in the world!
  • Consumers have infinite choices.
  • Shorter, more efficient product distribution chain – the entire buying and selling process is streamlined.
  • Far lesser costs of good, and cost to the seller!

What Makes a Good E-Commerce Site?

At XCode we will ensure your E-Commerce site is second to none. Our expert development team, are experienced in created sites of all types, and know exactly what goes into a successful e-commerce site. Ask yourself, what makes any website worthwhile? First off it starts with the basics. In order to attract the most customers, and increase your chances of making a sale you’ve got a have a site that looks good, works well, is safe, secure, has what the consumer is looking for, and most importantly – it can be found by that consumer.
At XCode we build some of the highest-quality sites, that are not only functional but aesthetically-pleasing. Are e-commerce sites make sure to include:

  • Speedy website, without any laggy applets or slow-loading images.
  • High-quality, engaging, written content.
  • Striking images, and videos.
  • Excellent product descriptions, and photos.
  • Easy-to-use menus, interactive shopping carts.
  • Safe, secure, checkout and payment processing.
  • PayPal, Stripe, and other financial integrations.
  • Newsletter, and product subscriptions.
  • Fully optimized for Google – high ranking in the search engine.

Optimization at its Finest

One of the biggest strengths of the team at XCode Consulting lies in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer some of the most innovative, and efficient SEO tactics that will help you rank higher, and get more clicks – plain and simple – we will help you get more visitors to your e-commerce site than any other company out there! And more visitors and visibility mean more chances to make a sale! That’s where the high-quality content of a site from XCode Consulting comes in! We fully understand the sales process at XCode, and design our sites to directly influence, and educate your consumer. Helping them make the best buying decisions at every step of the way!
At XCode Consulting we have got what it takes to ensure your e-commerce procures and converts leads at a faster rate than any of the competition! Put your site in the hands of the people that do it best, and let XCode show you the results you want, today!

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