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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Growing your business in today’s tech driven world requires more than just your run-of-the-mill digital marketing package. To really compete you need to stay ahead of the competition and make use of every avenue available to you! At XCode Consulting we offer our clients the highest quality digital marketing solutions available, ensuring that each and every aspect of your digital footprint compliments the other.

When creating and growing a brand – its important to have people at the helm with an aptitude and the necessary experience to cut through the fat. Our team at XCode knows what works, and what doesn’t. One of our favorite methods of marketing is using PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. While SEO and SEM lie on the organic side of the things, PPC is a paid method.


What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is by far one of the beneficial paid methods of marketing available to any growing business. PPC is a standard of internet marketing in which advertisers will pay a small fee each and every time one of their ads is clicked. In the simplest of terms, PPC allows you to buy individual visits to your site. This differs from an organic process like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however both methods are integral to any functional strategy in today’s evolving market.

How Does PPC Work?

Like almost everything online, it all starts with Google!

The most important form of PPC is done via the search engine, in most cases Google. PPC allows advertisers to bid, strategically, on valuable ad placements – within Google’s sponsored links. Now this is done for any keyword you would like, obviously the more valuable and voluminous the keyword, the higher the cost will be. When we implement a strong pay-per-click campaign, it can lead to tremendous ROI’s (Return on Investment). For instance, if it were to cost you $2 in a PPC campaign to get a prospective customer to visit the site, and that customer spends $200 on good or services – that equals a 10,000% increase. Even when taking into account that most will probably not purchase any goods or services, the chance of such a return is amazing for any organization.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the world’s most popular PPC advertising model, and has been at the forefront of search engine marketing (SEM) for many years. The Google AdWords system creates a bidding mechanism in which values are assigned to keywords based on their strength and their search volume. This is a brilliant system, as it essentially allows advertisers and the campaign managers to dictate the market set keyword pricing. The value of the keyword is only as high as what advertisers are willing to pay for them.

Can I implement PPC on My Own?

The fact is that because of the internet, almost every method of digital marketing can be done by the business owner. However, when you utilize a company like XCode Consulting you get more than just the service. You get a proven agency, with proven results managing your PPC campaigns. The years of experience have allowed us to hone in on strategies that capture and convert leads at a higher rate than any of our competition. Having seen, and implemented multiple different PPC strategies, across almost every industry – XCode Consulting is able to utilize the best keywords, grouping and organizing them in a way that will allow for maximum visibility. In addition to that, the PPC campaigns we implement lead to high-quality landing pages, with strong, direct, calls-to-action and well thought-out, multi-platform sales funnels. Meaning when a consumer clicks an ad managed by XCode, they are being sent to a page that is both engaging, and aesthetically pleasing. This helps to influence consumer buying decisions and allows you to convert leads at a much higher rate!

The Benefits of Optimization

As a result of its popularity, Google AdWords has a tremendous number of users. Because of this, the system can become a bit of a lottery – full of winners, and losers. However, because there are certain essential details that make one PPC campaign outshine the others – Google rewards those who have implemented the best, and most efficient campaigns. The algorithm of the Google search engine & AdWords itself, automatically chooses to rank those PPC landing pages that are well optimized, and carry the most visual, and engaging content.

Also, the better your site’s optimization and the more pleasing your PPC landing pages are to end-users, Google will automatically reduce the price of your ad clicks – providing you with even better ROI’s for every keyword! Working with XCode Consulting, one of the premiere agencies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will ensure that each and every one of your PPC campaigns converts more leads, and provides you with a much higher rate of return.

Call XCode Consulting today, and make your first Pay-Per-Click campaign a success!

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